Group 933 History

We are about family, building lasting relationships, and creating restaurants with concepts we can be proud of.

Group933 Hospitality owners, George and Ari Haralabakos, grew up in the restaurant industry. Their parents, Peter and Effie, emigrated from Greece to Canada, where they eventually opened a small diner in Calgary, named The Place. The Place is where George, Ari, their sister Joanna, and their parents all worked.

As “the kids” grew up, Peter and Effie sold The Place and their children went on to create adventures of their own. Naturally, however, both George and Ari found themselves back in Calgary where they approached their father to help them open a restaurant of their very own.

Housing an approachable and easygoing concept, the Haralabakos brothers managed to create the perfect neighborhood pub—Classic Jacks was born. The entire family was a part of Classic Jack’s success. Over time, concrete relationships were developed with customers; the family learned their names, where they worked, and what their favorite drink was so it could arrive at their table seconds after having been seated.

The family’s commitment to this style of service is what helped establish Classic Jacks as a forerunner in the industry.

This new venture quickly became—what would eventually be—the beginning of Group933 Hospitality.

Although we have grown since the birth of Jacks, our family history still lives within the core of this company. We are the same company with the same values and same heart.

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